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I got really excited about a couple new tracks I dug up and had to share with you. I had a long hard week at work and this is how I get to let it out!
Crank up your volume and turn your subs all the way up for this epic 1 hour journey.

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Yeah it has 3 letter L’s, big whoop


I have been at this for 3 months now and I love making music. I have abandoned the gym, and I have spent almost every evening and piece of spare time learning, At first I spent hours watching YouTube videos, soaking everything in like a sponge. I felt obsessed, but I was so happy making music for others. 

Since I was a kid rocking out to Black Sabbath with my dad on vinyl I have felt a desire to make music for others. At first I may have not known that it was precisely music, as art was my forte. Creativity. Creativity is in my blood and it is in my career as well. I always wish I could have taken the creative route through life and excelled at the arts. I regret giving up piano so quickly in my teens. 

Now I am back on track and posting my work to SoundCloud for others to enjoy. I get such an overwhelming feeling of happiness when I know someone else enjoys the music that I enjoy making. Albeit with so many people on this earth that is entirely a commonplace assumption that you will find someone else with similar interests in sound. I could be making something terrible I suppose that had no views or listens. I feel blessed to have the ability to hear, see and create. I am blessed by the opportunities this life has given me and I cannot wait for what more is in store for me in doing the things that I love!

Pura Vida!!

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